Over Two Centuries of African American
Inspiration and Ingenuity

Meet the enterprising black men and women who created their own success. Their story is an inspiration to us all.

Entrepreneurship in the black community is not an idea whose time has come. It is a concept that African Americans have been embracing for centuries. The history of blacks in America is an inspiring story of ingenuity and invention in the face of adversity. Long before slavery ended, black Americans were engaged in businesses of their own.

Their success shaped the course of our nation's history ... and built a proud tradition for future generations to follow. Their story is told in Making Money the Old- Fashioned Way: A Story of Black Entrepreneurship.

Let this book introduce you and your family to the men and women who dared to dream ... who made opportunity where none existed ... and who can inspire African Americans of all ages to take the same course today.

This is must reading for anyone considering Entrepreneurship. But it is not available in any book store. It is offered only through Education, Training & Enterprise Center (EDTEC) - a pioneer in economic development training with youth..

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